Your Frequently Asked Questions are Covered Here!

We have tackled the most frequent questions, based on our experience, that the clients have in their minds and want to learn more about our services.

Once you have successfully signed up for your care plan with us. You will receive a confirmation email explaining further procedures about securely sharing the required credentials of your website. After we have all the necessary information, the services from your care plan will be fully implemented on your website within 24-48 hours of time.

No. Although, your hosting provider will be analyzed for speed and performance and we might make recommendations to move to any of the hosting providers we have worked over the years. Still, this will only be needed if we found any performance issues with your current hosting provider.

WPRex doesn’t directly provide any custom work as we are about providing bespoke maintenance and support services to its clients and these services are what we do best. However, our sister company Divative has a dedicated team of WordPress experts and offers a wide range of software development services. You can reach the Divative representatives at for any custom development project.

Our response time to our clients is within 1 to 2 business days. However, for minor tasks, our response time is within a 2 to 4 hours time limit.

Priority support is provided only to those clients who have opted for the subscription plans which includes the priority support service.

We put into practice all the standard security measures including deploying industry best security plugins. Unfortunately, with all the monitoring and precautions, it is not possible to track every novel security issue. In case a security issue arises, we respond promptly to eliminate the threat or in case the damage is massive, we restore the website from the backup taken within the last 24 hours of the attack.

No worries, we deal with the huge number of hosting providers, even the not so popular ones.

Depending on the subscription plan, we offer a limited amount of minor edits, tweaks or bug fixes that can be completed within 30 minutes. Here, the edits or tweaks include, but not limited to, tasks such as updating a post content, uploading and displaying a provided image, etc. While minor bug fixes we provide relates to the website operations only.

Yes. We are WooCommerce experts. We are positive that WooCommerce has a high chance of being deployed for your website than any other solution. In case you have other E-Commerce product, no issue at all, as long as it is a WordPress based solution, we have got you covered.

As secure as it can get. WPRex will NEVER share your information with any 3rd party, no matter what. Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Oops! We might have missed addressing that important question in your mind. No worries, feel free to reach us at for any of your queries.

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