What do our care plans offer?

We offer three care plans to our clients which include a multitude of different microservices suited for a broad range of websites. These microservices are carefully selected based on our experience of managing numerous WordPress websites.

Regular Updates

We do not miss out on any updates especially of security releases and ensure to keep your website updated from WordPress core updates to themes, and plugins.

24/7 Monitoring

Our team works round the clock to ensure 24/7 monitoring of your website, rapid responses to any critical situations as well as discreetly working behind the scenes to warrant smooth operations of your website.

Service Reports

We keep our clients updated too about the status of their website for performance as well as other important metrics by means of sending regular reports right in their inbox.

Website Analytics

We provide analytics integration for your website. So that you can have metrics to gain a clear overview of your website’s performance with respect to its ROI.

Minor Edits/Bug fixes

We handle all the grunt work for you even the minor ones like edits and critical bug fixes so that you can spend your focus, time, and energy on your business.

Royal Support

We have a dedicated support team distributed globally with years of professional experience to assist you with your queries and provide any level of timely support you need no matter the timezone you are located in.

Regular Backups

Our business practices and experience gives us the confidence to stay optimistic with our services. Yet, we follow a pessimistic approach when it comes to ensuring regular backups of your website without any delay.

Speed Optimization

An unoptimized website always struggles with generating good traffic. We offer speed optimization services for your website for popular device types like Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.

Host Migration

We also provide free assistance to our clients in moving their website from one web hosting provider to the other web hosting provider whenever needed.

Staging Environment

We offer a sandboxed environment to our clients to freely debug and test their website for Q/A before deploying to the live server and even we take care of it on our own.

Secure HTTP Communication

Using secure HTTP connections is standard practice these days rather than just an afterthought. Websites are evaluated based on secure HTTP connections by clients, web browsers, and search engines. We integrate already purchased certificates as well as offer free SSL certificates to our clients.

E-Commerce Support

WPRex has full support for all major E-Commerce solutions for WordPress. We have dedicated WooCommerce experts who are here to provide assistance for your online store.

Consultancy Services

In case you are in the process of making any major decision regarding your website. We are here to provide free consultancy for 30 minutes to help you make a more informed decision for your website.

Unparalleled Security

WordPress powers more than 35% of the web which makes it an easy target for malicious attacks. We follow the zero-tolerance policy when it comes to taking unparalleled security measures for managed websites.

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